Why did I time-lapse me painting my wall?

This has nothing to do with photography, or anything that I usually post. But, it has to do with me, and a step along my journey of figuring myself out, and I find that exciting. Art in a form other than photography is a part of me. One of the original parts that lead me to photography. So this, technically, is almost an ode… almost. 

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Behind The Photo: Gray Area

This is one of the examples of these gray areas. There are other areas too, of course. I don’t feel like I can call myself successful, but I don’t feel like I’ve failed. I’m not busting at the seams because I’m happy, but I’m not in a dark point where I feel depressed. Great examples huh? It’s only 8:11am, now. Buckle up.

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Trying To Teach My Boyfriend To Be a Photographer: The Mini Shoot

Do you smell that? I smell it. Breathe deeper. It’s the sweet smell of a series, y’all. (I never use the word y’all, but it seemed like the most appropriate right now alright?)

I’ve had this idea for a few weeks now. Simply, what would happen if I gave my boyfriend my camera on manual, briefly explained what each setting does and how it affects photos, and then basically had him do a mini-shoot of me. Sounds easy!

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