Record Store Day, Austin, 2013.


My Record Store Day experience today lasted exactly six minutes – or, at least that what it felt like. I got to Encore Records near downtown Austin a couple of minutes before they let people in the doors. There was a buzz of excitement in everyone that was actually very heartwarming to see and feel. The line wasn’t extravagant like I heard some rumors about Waterloo Records being, probably ten couples of people.

Once the doors were open, it was a mad sash for the mixed variety of exclusives. I didn’t join in on the crowd but my shoulders were bumped (albeit, kindly) a few times. My brother was on the hunt for two 7-inches and props to him because he was the first one to check out. While Lee (my brother, I feel like first-name-basis’s are good in blogs) got his mini-stash I was able to snag a few freebies and an amazing Sound City poster.

From what I was able to see, this slightly-on-the-smaller-side record\cd\band t-shirt store has an amazing selection of what was being released today. There was the new Soundgarden release of King Animal, Rob Zombie’s exclusive, The Toadies, Pink Floyd’s, and South Park’s 7-inches, and Willie Nelson’s Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die.

Meanwhile. the buzz from before had naturally followed everyone inside. It was felt electric with a tad bit of paranoia almost a sense of unity. A crowd of people that generally don’t look like they get up before the crack of noon on a Saturday morning unless there was some kind of commitment and passion right? Commitment to music, and possibly a commitment to keeping record stores alive and a passion of good old fashioned music. Or, the new version of good old fashioned music and dare I say… the human element. Or possibly just a whole bunch of hipsters with gauges dying to get their hands on the new Bob Dylan exclusive – but I’m going to go with the first to make myself feel better.



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