ION Jewelry Collaboration!

1I’m stoked beyond words to finally be uploading this photo. Around early March, I got into contact with a wonderful woman named Jyl. She’s a jewelry maker and she kindly asked me if I would take photos of her jewelry. I, being 100% flattered and 100% willing, said yes.

These aren’t the final product of this new project (and series!), but I wanted something that showed the pieces off without being directly  centered around it. With that being said – I wanted something presentable to show off this exciting new project.

What I’m going to be doing is starting a series based around “the magic jewels”. It’s going to be similar to the “Lost Princess” series where I add a story to each photo, however there’s going to be “seasons” inside the series and each photo will tie in to another in some way and there will be a final photo where everything makes sense. Or, at least that’s how I have it planned now and that’s subject to change, of course.

Super excited! Here’s the link to Jyl’s Etsy page, ION Art Jewelry. check her out and buy her stuff! 2 3 4 5 6


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