Tuesday Afternoon Lag

It’s 1:06 PM, and I’m looking for inspiration in anything that’s around me. Really. Anything. However, my day has been kind of screwed up since around eleven hours ago when I woke up and then proceeded to stay awake until 7 AM. I’ve gone so far as for looking for inspiration on Plinky – which was a bust, but I did figure out what I would do if my pet started talking to me so you win some and lose some I suppose.
As much as I’d like to sit around, watch a couple of episodes of BBC Sherlock, and drink sweet  tea until my bladder is going to explode, I’ve decided against it. However what’s the real perk of not doing choice a? Forcing yourself into creativity, or at least forcing myself into creativity hasn’t ever exactly worked.

I’m most productive at 6 AM when the sun is about to come up and the world is quiet, or 6 PM when the sun is going down. The hours in between are filled with productivity only if I wake up at a reasonable hour with the intent of being productive. It could just be some mental thing that I’ve convinced myself of, but it makes sense to me.

So my dilemma here is simple, but not.  Do I force myself into being creative and getting things done even though no creative juices are flowing and I might have to re-do the outcome later, or do I say “screw it!” to the next five hours or so and do what I would be happy and content with doing (i.e, watching a few episodes of Sherlock, drinking sweet tea, drawing, gearing up for magical 6 PM productive time)?

Oh the woes! I could always take a shower… but I’m going on a walk later so I’ll procrastinate on that as well.


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