Before and After

This photo (on the right) is the most recent addition to this series I’m doing, and it has yet to be released so if you’re reading this before 7pm on May 15th, kudos to you!

A lot of people (in my opinion) are very one-track-minded when it comes to editing. I’ve seen countless photographers boast about how they barely edit their photos and that’s what sets them apart from others. I, personally, find that somewhat limiting and somewhat (dare I say) foolish.

Whether you’re dealing with regular portrait photos or conceptual designs – editing can go a long way. It can bring a depth or some kind of character to your photos that I feel could be lost (or rather, not found) in your photos. Many photographers set themselves apart through editing and although that could be argued with, ” or how much they don’t edit”, I’m speaking generally in the sense of editing.

Let’s take the photos above for example. If I had gone with the straight-out-of-camera version on the left it wouldn’t have been nearly as inviting to the eyes. The movement of the hands and the elongating of the legs give more depth to the face and in return makes it look like my head is deeper underwater, and to me, giving it more emotion which is what I was going for.

That paragraph could also be argued with, “Well, why not just get the movement and the legs all in one photo in the first place!?”
And I can argue back with, “You try and stay under water for long enough to get the right shot when the current is going straight up your nose!”

All in all I’m not downing everyone who doesn’t hardly edit their photos. We could realistically learn a lot from each other! However, I felt like putting my opinion out there and so *boom!* it’s out there.


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