The Stories Behind Their Stories – Power and Hope.

I can’t decide if doing two “to be continued” type posts two times in a row is against blogging-code… but oh well. I’m beyond excited about this. I’ve been waiting to make this ever since I got done with Power’s story. Ideas and rough drafts have been floating around  for forever with this. I can already tell you that it’s going to be great. Alright so ever since I’ve started photography, I’ve kinda always wanted at least one picture where everything in it meant something. Where someone could say, “I like this detail!” and I could go, “I can tell you why you like that detail.” And now I have an entire series where everything in each photo represents something. It makes me feel so happy and fulfilled.  So, we shall begin the explanation!


This is Power’s first photo. The main thing I like about it is the background. It looks used and dark and also it’s full of rocks. The rocks were important to be there because of one line in the first part of her story.
There is no laughter, no love, I can’t find a door and rocks have replaced the floor.”
Another thing is how she is vivid in the photo. She stands out from the background by being light. She may look rough and her clothes worn and dirty, but she’s light. I think that plays a big part in how she still sees herself. Also, the juxtaposition of the sky being in her reflection rather than rocks. That symbolizes the first step to there being some sort of light at the end of the tunnel – to me anyway.

This is Power’s third (and final) photo. In the second part of her written story, it talks about dancing.
Child remember when you used to dance? Don’t let go of that carefree soul, build upon her and let the courage show.
And that’s what I was trying to really capture in the photo. Her dress is the most prominent feature in the photo on the right and to me that powerful movement, and how bold it is, show’s just how powerful she is and has become. Also she’s on her tip-toes as if she’s dancing or twirling.
There’s a sense of magic in the air, I can smell it and it blows through my hair. Red is the color of my soul and these rocks aren’t feeling as bold. Mamma, I think I can dance again.”


For all of Hope’s photos, I wanted them to be very simple and pure. She looks as if she’s just waiting for something or someone to just help her and give guidance. I chose wind to be a symbol in her photos because of how strong it is and how much it can do as a whole. It can be used as an entire healing power itself and the idea of that is magical to me.
Someday, she will feel light enough that she could jump up and float with the patterns of the wind if she wanted to. Instead of now – feeling hopelessly heavy and hopelessly pinned to the ground.

In Hope’s second part of her story, the way that she gets her earrings delivered to her is by a paper airplane. With some of the other stories, how the women got their jewelry varies and instead of it being extravagant, I wanted to keep the simple theme going for her. Also, notice how the lighting is softer in this image. The wind has died down and even the clouds have changed into looking more dramatic.
The wind calms like it always does, dying down to a light and occasional breeze. She takes a seat upon the grass and comes down from her temporary high.”

Ah, Hope’s final photo! Also, my first levitation photo I’d done in a while so kudos to me on that. ALSO, kudos to me because this dress was originally red and I made it green myself. But enough of that. In Hope’s previous photos, there was a hard surface that she was standing on, along with some trees in the background and also a clouded sky. But with this one, the sky is clear, there’s nothing behind her, and to me that symbolizes cleanliness. Cleanliness from her previous life that was hectic and busy and clouds that blurred her from seeing that flight was only a short distance away.
So she breathed in the warm crisp air, closed her eyes, and could feel the weight being left behind on the ground. The grass began to tickle her neck and as she lifted up, becoming light as a bird.


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