365 Project Phases (pt. 2)

So let’s just get right into it!

Phase 4: Black And White
You’re in the groove of your 365 at this point. Maybe missing a couple of days here and there, but ultimately keeping up with it and maintaining your inspiration level if not exceeding it. But then one day you decide to try some tricks with black and white. For me, this phase began when I realized that the color tones under a black and white layer could effect the contrast more than the curves layer itself.  I was putting everything in black and white and playing with it and of course, liking that result more than color. Your 365 could begin to look a little “photojournalistic” at this time but hey there’s no problem in that.


I’m actually still quite fond of this photo. Albeit a bit cliche, I think it’s executed well.


A lot of these photos actually mirror how I still like to edit my black and white’s – which is neat to me.
Eventually, you’ll force yourself to grow out of this phase, or maybe you’ll just stay there and realize that black and white photography is your main squeeze! Either is great.

Phase 5: When in doubt, selfie it out.
Don’t let anyone tell you that there’s too many selfies in your 365. You are not self-centered, full of yourself, conceited, or anything like that. The fact of the matter is, it’s a lot easier to make a photo of a person look interesting rather than a photo without a person. And, if you’re like me and have family who doesn’t enjoy modeling (REGARDLESS OF HOW PHOTOGENIC AND BEAUTIFUL THEY ARE), selfies are the way to go.  You may have long stretches of your 365 where it’s filled with nothing but your face but your face is fantastic and fill that 365 to the brim with it. For me, I use self portraits one of two ways. To fill gaps in my 365 where I skipped a couple of days, or to express myself.

This photo has no real meaning, so it’s technically a filler photo. But you don’t want these photos to feel like they’re fillers. Which is why for me if it was a filler, I’d make sure that regardless I was proud of it. With this one in particular, I like the depth of field, how my hair isn’t totally in focus but my body is, and how the necklace I was wearing gives a certain kind of movement to the photo.

This photo is actually one I’ve been meaning to re-do for a while. I like how it’s executed but the background on it is what bothers me. But anyway! This is an expressive type photo. I think I was going off of a daily rather than weekly theme for this one and the theme was “you”. I rationalized that I have two main sides and this represents that.  Maybe I thought way too hard on on it, but still I feel like it’s easy enough to understand.

Phase 5: What am I doing?
This phase was the absolute worst for me. This is maybe about a good bit more than halfway through (roughly about 200 days in) but at this point it feels like it’s never going to end. You start making photos just out of nowhere and doing literally everything you can to make them seem interesting which they sure are – but not in a good way.  

I like to call this one, “Why”.

This one is, “No”.

And this one is, “Stop”.

During this time I was utterly uninspired, my camera was doing nothing to excite me, photos obviously came out bland and weak. Maybe, and hopefully, you won’t go through this phase! I genuinely hope you don’t have to suffer it. Really. But there comes a point when it feels like you’ve exhausted every photo you can possibly freaking think of. Not even selfies can help you dig you out of this hole! But it gets better, and you’ll progress onto the exciting phase 6…

Which will be talked about in pt. 3! The finale for the epic trilogy! Stay tuned and see if it’s everything you’ll ever hope and dream of! It will be! Exclamation point!


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