The Stories Behind Their Stories – Independence and Wisdom.

It’s been too long! I won’t bore you with a paragraph about why I haven’t posted for two weeks, let’s just crack it down to, “family” and, “Fourth of July” and, “birthdays”. Which mine is tomorrow! Holla.


I always thought that Independence’s first photo should be very impactful. The first part to her written story talks about water and feeling like you’re drowning under it.
I’m alone. Water is all around and inside of me and the scream that just escaped me only set my lungs ablaze harder.
Also to me it was important that her flailing hands was the focus point. It shows that she’s fighting, and she’s strong. And much like with Hope, I chose water as the symbolism of her because of it’s power as a whole too. Also, I liked the idea of her being Independence, and she’s all alone in the vast deep water that’s suffocating her.
I’m screaming and no one can hear me.  I’m drowning and I don’t know how to swim. I’m dying and no one will be able to find me.
This is also an extremely profound part to me. It’s actually what I started with, with writing the story and I built everything else around it. But I thought that those three sentences represent how I wanted to portray her feelings which is strictly alone.

I’m laying down in a white room where two voices are battling for my attention.  One, a gravely tone with s’s that slurred, the other a deep voice that purred/I was about to give in when the sounds of heels clicking against hard floors momentarily silenced the voices. “Help me,” I pleaded.
This is written part both explains how beaten Independence feels, but also how powerful Elethia (the healer) is.
The photo is self explanatory, but it almost feels like an eerie sort of calm. Independence is worn out and everything around her is dull and lifeless but she’s still holding out for help, which she receives.

In her last photo, you can see that she’s obviously happy. I chose a bathtub instead of a body of water for her last photo so it almost represents like everything was a bad dream. She wasn’t as lost and alone as she thought she was, but she still received the help she craved.
And her name is Independence, and when I think of that I also think of someone who is very prideful. Prideful people don’t (usually) like to ask for help but she felt very comfortable doing it with Elethia. All of her other photos were dark, too, but in this one it’s very light and airy to show how far she’s come. Kind of like with Hope!
The memories that should be haunting me seem distant and far like a nightmare I had years before – the memories of my daily war no longer consume me. I’m instead greeted with warm mysterious flashes of what I can only hope to be the future.”


“Burn burn burn/You’re the hound from hell/Keep me locked in a cell/Fire gives notice to the blood smell/Ding ding ding/Goes my death bell/Farewell”
Both parts of Wisdom’s stories are probably my favoritesTo me, everything is executed nicely and it’s easy to understand. The writing gives you a great visual and the photo brings it to life. I like how the bell is clearly in the photo and almost how her hair is portraying the fire. It feels very surreal.

This freaking picture, man. It’s simple, and it was easy to do, but I still love the way it came out.
Grim and Angel go to war/Too weak to keep score/Outpour
Both photos are taken in the same place and it gives it even more sense of a story. The two grounds kind of fade together to show how much the two worlds can easily meld into one. It shows that “grim” isn’t as far away as you could hope. It’s so incredibly simple but it puts the story into such a real universe.

In Wisdom’s last photo, I wanted it to be simple but for her to look powerful. To me it feels as if she’s just risen from a winning battle. She’s come such a long way from the first photo to this one and she looks so much stronger. It’s self explanatory as are the rest of her photos, but I feel like this one stands out. She’s healed and it shows, and that’s what I wanted to capture.


Man. I can’t believe that’s it. I could go on and on about the ladies and about their stories and I could nit pick all day about every single detail – but it’s time to let the ladies take a nap. I’m so, so happy with the way these photos came out and I’m incredibly proud of them. And once again, so much gratitude to ION Jewelry for allowing me to collaborate with her and her amazing art.

Thank you!


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