Creative Days

Today, I was creative. It’s been a while since I had a day like today where everything I did revolved around artsy fartsy stuff. Two of the things were physical, and the other one was digital (but it was for my 365 so I mean).

One of the things I did was an art piece that I was very inspired to do. It’s been a work in progress for (I think?) four days now. Sharpie and watercolor on canvas. So far I think it looks pretty messy but I don’t really mind it. I’ve tried really hard not to sway too far from flowers – since they’re the focal point. But I keep find myself wishing it was as easily changeable as a digital piece. And then right after I find myself wishing that, I find myself refraining from slapping myself.

It’s so important to me to be in touch with what I make and being able to literally get dirty from this small piece has felt great. It’s changed into something that I didn’t see it going into, but it still has the chance to change into something else or the same thing I saw in my head! I also like since it’s on canvas, I’m not tempted to cheat by tracing rough outlines from other pieces. It’s all strictly from (what I call) my drawing vocabulary. Everything that I’ve drawn hasn’t been a rip off of something or someone else on this piece, it’s been totally mine. I’m pretty sure that once I’m finished, I’ll put it on my bookshelf with my other two favorite pieces I’ve made totally originally.

The other thing (albeit, weird) I did today was make a tiny gradient on my outside door from paint samples I got at Lowes. I haven’t really ever had to try and match color that precisely to one another, so that was a lot of fun. Next time I go I’m going to get a different color scheme and add to it. I only used about twelve out of the fifteen or so I got – and it was all based around army green, so I think I might try an opposing color next to add to it. Rusty red sounds good but I feel like it might look too Christmas-ey. Maybe dusty blue or burnt orange.

Yesterday I also ordered some photos that I want to mat and hopefully get put into a consignment store. I’m pumped about that since it’ll basically be the first time my photos are out somewhere and I won’t be there to see how people look (or don’t look) at them. I hesitated on this for a while because I think I really want to know how everyone feels about them – and if I’m not there watching how will I know? I think it’ll be liberating. Hopefully it’ll convince me to try and go for a little indie gallery (oh god).

Alright! This post is basically just me rambling on (heh) about what I’ve done the past two days, but I don’t mind it. What I mind is how many times the word “I” has probably been used. But I’m allowed that every now and then, I think.


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