Badass Inspiration

I woke up about an hour ago with no desire to wake up, really. I was this close to going back to sleep but I decided to just do it and not sleep until ten which I know I would have done. And I don’t regret my decision at all anymore. I woke up, got cheerios (first time putting sugar on them, not super impressed), and checked my email. In my inbox I found that one of my favorite conceptual photographers had made a new post on his blog, and it was basically about his summer journey he went on (read the full thing here, it’s really incredible), and it inspired me so much to go out and create something wonderful today.

However, after thinking about concepts and what I can make that will make me proud of what I do, I have a tendency start thinking about stuff like, “Well what if it doesn’t come out right?” or, “That’s so cliche.” or, “Really, no one is gonna care about it that much.” and I get discouraged. That happened this morning and I almost talked myself out of it entirely.

But then I was looking for something on my desktop and found this picture that seemed to come out of nowhere.

And inspired once again I was!  (Watch Dave’s full interview here. It’s amazing as well.)

I told myself that it didn’t matter who cared about the picture or how well it came out, because if someone doesn’t care then that’s beyond my control and if it didn’t come out great, I could do it again.  And just as Dave clearly stated here, perfection isn’t everything. Badassery is everything. So, later today when I go out and shoot I’m going to keep that in mind and just go with the flow. Normally the pictures that I don’t stress over turn out to be the best ones.

So, big thanks to Joel Robison and Dave Grohl for inspiring me this morning and inspiring me always!


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