Photo Collaboration! Everyone is welcome!


Short post just so that way I can lay everything out! I had an idea around a month ago to do a collaboration with a few of my favorite photographers that I know from flickr\facebook\tumblr\etc and ask them to do this with me – but then the idea got even bigger! Why not ask anyone who has a camera to participate?

The Idea: Everyone goes to their favorite location to take a photo, and at the exact same time everyone takes a self portrait. Of course, you can do yours however you feel comfortable.

Simple enough right? When is the time and date you may ask?

October 5th 6:30PM Central Time. 

I figure that’s enough time to recruit more people, get the word out, and it’s a Saturday so who doesn’t like Saturdays?

If you want to participate, just email me at so that way I can add you on the list. Feel free to include a short snippet about you, website or any link you want to share, just small stuff like that.

Great! I’m excited. This will be a lot of fun.


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