The Story Behind “Walking With Death”.

Halloween is my second favorite holiday (next to Christmas) and so I thought it was only right to make a series based around Halloween lore.  What I based this series off of is the old folklore about kids painting their faces to disguise themselves from the evil that roamed around on Halloween night. I took that idea, twisted it a bit, and got this concept\storyline.


I originally wanted to do this photo in a slightly run-down abandoned building, but alas. Had to do it outside instead. I’m not too bummed about it though since it fits with the rest of the theme much better.  The idea in the first photo is that Death is sneaking his way into her mind, more than anything else. He’s pulling her from her safe and protected home and bringing her into his dimension where they can see all of Death’s handiwork.

“The figure before my eyes is dark but opaque.  Slick skin and blood breath, ‘Hello, child, my name is Death.'”

In this photo, Death is showing her the pathway to Hell. It’s lined with all who dared to go out on Halloween night with nothing to disguise themselves. I thought that this photo could be a lot more difficult than it actually was. I wanted to capture the darkness engulfing everything while also giving it a weird and very dreamlike feel. Thus why the stars and the moon are such a key feature. It makes it feel a little less real and more story like.

“We walked down a path lined with bodies, injuries on each an exact copy. Liquified eyes, skin in shambles from endless cries. You can almost still hear the words, ‘No, please, I don’t want to die.’
‘Their faces are naked so we deem them unsacred. Disguise is key, and you should agree. If there’s no masquerade you must be slayed…'”

Ah, the final photo! In this photo, she finds out that she’s the key to opening up Hell. Her soul is ripped from her and used as a key. This is by far, my favorite photo from the series. I wanted it to look more real than any of the others. It looks rough and dirty and she looks beat. There’s also one really nice detail and it’s that the sky is starry again, but the reflection in the water is anything but. What does that mean? Does it mean that she’s still inside her (and Death’s) own head? Is she breaking loose from it? Does she realize what she’s done yet? It’s a very puzzling component that I thoroughly enjoy.

“All was quiet for one second. That’s when Death started reaching for his legendary weapon. Then, CRACK CRACK CRACK, all in one essence. The lake broke open. I was frozen. It sizzled, seared, bubbled like black poison. ‘Yes,” Death wailed. “Child, I knew you were chosen!’
DING, DING, DING, chimes a deep dark bell.
Suddenly, all of my bones started to feel broken. ‘What have I done?’ I dwell.
Death raised his scythe to my throat. ‘You’ve opened up hell!'”


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