“Dark Winter” Speed Edit – blog exclusive!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! This post is very exciting to me because it’s the first speed edit video I’ve ever done. You’ll see me (quickly!) second guess myself and editing choices and erase a lot. But, this photo is exclusive to my blog so that makes it a little bit cooler. To see the high quality version of the other photo, go here.

I was very inspired a couple of days ago by the blast of cold air and gloomy skies, so I decided to utilize it and not have to wait until twenty minutes before the sun goes down to shoot. At first the idea I had in my head was very much opposite of what I ended up shooting. It was going to be very light and airy and with thin, flowy, light clothes that would give the picture a very whimsical feel. But then I found this skirt in my closet and decided to go with it. Even the first version of this picture is very dark. Warmly toned, but still dark – it has lots of contrast and depth. But this picture gives everything a chilly and borderline creepy feeling. I especially love how the skirt is flowing in the back in the opposite direction of the hair, too.
With those things being said, enjoy the speed edit!

Dark Winter Speed Edit


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