Speed Edit of The Mermaid Princess (from The Lost Princesses Series)

I’m beyond excited to be sharing this picture with anyone who sees it. I edited it yesterday and it felt like everything just came flowing out of me. The cold weather is such an inspiration and it makes for thrilling and imaginative photos. This photo, in particular is one immediately upon shooting it I decided would be added to The Lost Princesses series (to see all of the Princesses, go here).

The story is about a mermaid (loosely based around Ariel, not gonna lie) who becomes a human and is taking in her surroundings for the first time. Unlike all of the other Princesses, she’s filled with nothing but love and adoration for her new surroundings. It has a very “love at first sight” feel to me. And in some ways it is – depending on how you look at it. She’s very much falling in love with the world instead of the sea. I could go on endlessly about her, but I’ll end it with a link to the speed edit, and also to see the photo on flickr. Be sure to read the description because it explains her story from her own mouth.

Speed Edit of The Mermaid Princess.


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