Grim And Angel Go To War – Speed Edit

Ah, cloning. Glorious, glorious cloning.  I’ve been wanting to do a video based around cloning for some time. This touches on it, but not as in depth as I’d like to get.

Cloning is great! It’s a very popular tool in the realm of conceptual photography. There’s always the twins aspect, opposites (like in this video), combination cloning, or intense cloning that can be found in a lot of Brooke Shaden’s work. Bottom line, it adds something to photos, and more than just an extra body. It adds an air of mystery and mischief; two of my favorite things.

grim and angel

The story behind this photo is endless. It feels very anticipatory. Why are they going to war? What are their reasons? Have they just gotten to the battlefield? It also feels like a standoff. Like the moment before a fight and the two participants are standing there to see who’s going to draw guns first. I also love the aspect of “Angel’s” side of the photo is very light, and it’s almost like she blends into the purity. And on “Grim’s” side, it gets darker and the highlights are the only thing really highlighted. It’s one of those things that wasn’t planned, but worked out lovely.

I hope this photo evokes as much emotion for you as it does for me. Enjoy the editing!

Grim And Angel Go To War Speed Edit

PS: I should mention that the song in the video is not 100% family friendly. You’ve been warned! 


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