Dreams and Adventures.

Much, much earlier today I woke up from a dream that I’m going to assume was real. Somewhere in a distant universe I like to believe there’s almost an exact replica of me who totally fly’s by the seat of her pants. She’s adventurous, sneaky, beautiful, full of life and passion, and does things I would never do but wish to. Case and point – the dream I had.

Let’s give her a name. We’ll call her Mia. I’ve always liked the name Mia.
Mia decided she was going to leave where she lived and go explore the world – but, go figure, she forgot her camera. In my dream, she was talking to an old and very wise man outside a very authentic looking Harry Potter shop. He was incredibly classy with a pipe between his teeth. She was telling him how disappointed she was that she left her camera at home and how she was thinking of going all the way back home to get it.
She said, “Here I am, an ocean away from home and I’m living one of my dreams. I’ve always wanted to be on this street, watching people pass and go into that store. But how do I capture it without my camera?”
And he told her, “Do not worry about capturing a moment in time, instead embrace the moment for what it is. Once. Don’t let something so minuscule stop you from embracing any moment of happiness you have.”
I remember her thinking about her camera, and how it was sitting at home thousands of miles away, and how she missed it. But she didn’t want to leave because she was afraid if she went home she wouldn’t come back – so she stayed.

I woke up soon after her decision was made and was washed over with inspiration.  Inspiration for this photo and inspiration in general. The old man in my dream made clear, direct points. I’ve been so concerned recently with remembering things. I don’t like not remembering details and so my solution for that is to have my camera with me everywhere. And while yes that’s always a good thing to do, it’s good to not, too. Embracing moments for what they’re worth while they’re happening in front of your eyes and not through a viewfinder – it goes against a lot of instincts. But it’s also something that feels incredibly important to do. To be able to detach from things like that and attach yourself to wholesomely living.

Also, we all should be a little more like Mia. I strive to be like her. Traveling, going on adventures, talking to wise old men smoking a pipe on the street (unless they’re giving you funny looks). Everyone needs a little more adventure. Sometimes you get the itch to put some miles between you and home, or even an ocean, so scratch the itch.

This is the (slightly haphazardly) photo I put together that briefly captures how the dream left me feeling. Vibrant and full of excitement and passion. The cloak represents the adventure, for me. And her arms spread out as they are honestly give me the impression of wings. Not normal feathery wings, but like when you’re a kid and you run around going “brrrrzzzz” with your arms spread as airplane wings. This entire photo to me, every element, even the making of it, gives me the feeling of adventure.

It’s new and exciting and up incoming. Three of my favorite things.

I hope that this post reaches your heart as it does mine. It’s never too late (or too early) to go on an adventure.

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