“Rid Your Demons”, Then and Now.

Can you feel it? The sentimental goo in the air? Because I can

Yesterday was day 315 in my 365 project, and so that means that the emotional countdown begins. 50 days until another thing that I’ve poured myself into is over. I know it seems so melodramatic, but it’s a big deal! So, since this phase has begun, I decided to do a very meaningful picture to commemorate for it.

A little while after my last 365 ended, I was incredibly inspired by Alexa Meade’s artwork. While a lot of people are intrigued and enthralled with paintings looking like photos, she strives for the opposite. And man can she hit that nail on the head.

She’s absolutely incredible.

Anyway, her artwork inspired me to make a photo called “Rid Your Demons”. At the time of taking the picture, or putting paint all over my body/face, I didn’t really know what this picture would come to mean for me. Not even over a year later that it’s been up on flickr, or on my wall, or anything. I didn’t grasp it until yesterday.


The original photo, to me, tells a story close to my Van Gogh one I did a few months ago. It’s about the struggle with facing inner demons. They can suffocate you to the point of what feels like oblivion. In this case, what I like most in the photo is how  most of the focus is around her neck. How it gets bolder as it progresses – like it’s choking her. It doesn’t really tell you if she wins or loses, either.

So, back to current day! I realized that it was coming up on 50 days left so I wanted to do something meaningful. I started thinking about what photos I’d done in the past that inspired me but still felt like a work in progress. The photos that felt like they deserved a sequel. There were several to choose from. I connect stories with any picture I take, so it’s hard to pinpoint which “deserve” it the most. But this one stuck out to me.

And so the sequel was made! Also, very quickly, props to me because this was the largest expansion I’ve ever done.
As for what this sequel means, it’s all about interpretation. The first photo was much more simple. However, this photo screams several different things to me.  She’s obviously still fighting her demons, but where is she? How did she get there? Why are there two? I like to believe that she’s winning, however. She doesn’t look defeated, she looks empowered and ready to fight. I don’t think her story is over.

Is it silly to get so emotionally attached to photo related projects? I want to know what inspires everyone else, though. What do you see and instantly get the urge to create from? Or, better yet, what do you easily get attached to?

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2 responses to ““Rid Your Demons”, Then and Now.

  1. the description in the first three i agree that it does focus on the neck and then proves that she is still fighting with what is internal, but to what aspect is she getting rid of or fighting against. also in the first she is with her hands shading her eyes and her eyes are cold like the light is blinding, what is that representing with her eyes closed. I almost see it as if she is visualizing what she is fighting so that maybe she may understand what its weaknesses are.
    In the second, i see her as if she just took a painful blow to the heart, a sad expression of guilt but also understanding. her eyes are still closed so her focus was not broken but from first to second depiction the dark demons have gained some ground with the more dark marks on her skin.
    In the third, her eyes are open, looking, craning her neck to see the sky with eyes unclouded by the black demons, but they have gained a larger hold. while looking up her arms are down, her mind is set, she almost seems to emanate that she has found a weakness that she was so hoping to find. now looking outside and up for a way to make it work. taking control of the situation that has been holding her back

    the fourth photo, is where we see the transformation. her dress is white as her answer is heard and hard work rewarded, the lesson is still there on her skin, a representation that demons never really leave but they can be tamed, she is now in color, representing that she is able to not be in either extreme only but in between so that color may flow freely a representation of emotion within the abstract. she is in nature the birth of life and death, a yin and yang of truth and natural wisdom. also it seems she is dancing in the wind, not really paying attentions to what is going on the inside where her demons reside but also not forgetting them within this moment, fixed would not be the right word to this development but i do say that riding yourself of the negativity of there existence but keeping the lesson and sharing it is one of the truest forms of healing, and this is represented very well. Rid Your Demons is an excellent title of this piece.

    • Thank you, very incredibly much. I’m very appreciative of you taking the time to put into words how you feel about these photos. Thank you, and I’m very glad they come across appropriately!

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