The Making Of “Returning”.

stardust soul
(click the photo for full size!)I’ve been so inspired recently by stars, and the entire universe and how massive and never ending it is. So, I created something that I felt like encompassed how I felt. I’ve connected with photos before. Stuff like “Force of Nature” and “Bluebird Fly” are two that I hold close to my heart – and I thought it would be very hard to make another that when I was done and looking at the final product, I’d get that magical holy cow feeling.  I was lucky enough to not get that once with this picture, but twice!I think it’s important to make photos for the sake of making photos. When you don’t particularly plan anything and let the story come to you either in the midst of shooting or editing – if there even is a story. But it’s times like these when I realize that true conceptualizing does pay off most of the time. Because there’s something so satisfactory of having an idea in your head and being able to capture it wholeheartedly. Bringing something to life and letting it breathe open air, giving it a pulse.Anyways! Here’s (just about) the entire process of making the photo, “Returning”.  And get a snack, cause this is a twenty-minute doozy!

Behind The Scenes and Speed Edit of “Returning”.

PS: My brother makes an appearance in this video, and his “I’m your big brother and I’m helping you in the cold” side comes out for just a second! Something I didn’t realize while editing. Oops.

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2 responses to “The Making Of “Returning”.

  1. Ellie!
    Although I was supposed to be doing my businesses month-end book work, so had to skip parts, I LOVED watching your quick edit!!!!

    Since the Bible says:
    Ecclesiastes 12:7 KJVS
    Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

    I look at your picture as symbolizing the trust, willingness, and vulnerability I want to have so that Jesus Christ can have full access to all of Me!

    • Hi there!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed watching my speed edit! Also, I find it wonderful you found something to relate it to. That’s the beautiful thing about art, isn’t it? For me, it symbolizes the uncertainty of death and my one hope that it brings peace and beauty.

      Thanks for the love! Have a wonderful day!

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