The Winds Of Change, and Website Relaunch!

Just this past weekend I was telling my mom how much I hated the song “Winds Of Change”. But, after forcing myself to listen to it countless times, I’ve come to not mind it so much. The title inspired me to make a photograph, so I can’t hate on it too much.

However, I’m very pleased to finally be releasing this photo! As I explain in the video below, it’s the first day of my new photo series that’s acting as a countdown to my website relaunch! Phew. Mouth full. I’m so, incredibly excited over these photos and over what they mean to me on a personal level. The new and improved “” is going to be wonderful.

If you wanna see the picture in all of it’s sharp, colorful, HD glory, go to my flickr here. You can also find today’s picture for the series there, too! And if you wanna see the speed edit? The link is just a little bit further down.

I’m super pumped for this. I can’t wait to reveal the magic! Nine more days!

The Winds Of Change Speed Edit

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