“The Sisters” Speed Edit

Putting milk and flour in a bathtub and shooting is one of my favorite things to do. There’s something so calming about it, and the pictures come out fantastic naturally. Letting your skin blend in to the water and getting an end result that almost has a painting feel to it is so satisfying. And with the way the hair fades in and out, where as in clear water it’s still as photogenic, when you add the element of something soft and it becomes invisible or almost smoke-like, man… it’s so exciting.

But, enough about that. Bottom line: take some pictures in milky water.

But have you ever been so utterly passionate about something it consumes you? That you feel like it’s swallowing you whole and you’re letting it? That’s what I was inspired by for this photo. It’s all about raw passion that comes across delicately. The milky water signifies how it takes you in and envelops you.  Or, if you read the description on flickr, it’s about two sisters. Whatever floats your fancy.

“The Sisters” Speed Edit

If you wanna watch it, the link is right up there and if you wanna see some outtakes, just keep scrolling!

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