“Up, Up, and Beyond” and “With Her Wings” speed edits!

Two speed edits in one day? Am I crazy?! No, just busy.

Yesterday, I meant to upload the speed edit for “With Her Wings”, but things were hectic and I didn’t have time! Today, however, two speed edits are going up at the same time and I think that might been even just a little bit better.

(click the photo to go to the speed edit!)

“With Her Wings” is based around a concept I play with a lot, and that’s wanting to fly. You can see that theme come to life in my “Bluebird Fly” photo, and this 365 photo. To me, wanting to fly isn’t just about escaping. It’s about freedom and adventure. In “With Her Wings”, it’s about her dancing, doing something that she loves, and feeling as if she’s flying while doing it. In return, that doing what she loves brings her freedom and adventure.

Also, this speed edit is a little nuts. I had edited the photo two days ago and it totally slipped my mind to record it. So, I recreated it again and then forgot to save the recreated version! But, it’s close enough.

(click the photo for this speed edit, too!)

“Up, Up, and Beyond” feels a little bit more childlike to me (it also feels like a sister picture to this photo). It feels like a kid looking at all of their toys and trying to decide where to start. And I suppose the title fits. Because naturally, who wouldn’t want to go beyond what’s at their fingertips? I suppose adventure and freedom play parts in this photo, too.

Six days. Are you freakin’ pumped? I’m freakin’ pumped. Today’s picture will be up later! Check my flickr in the evening!

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