“Into Her Wild” Speed Edit

(click the photo for the speed edit!)

This photo was so entirely easy to do, and the fact that it came out so magically tickles me to bits.
“Into Her Wild” is about a girl who’s tired of the norm, boring, black and white and is leaving that for something magical and full of colors and creatures that don’t have names. Personally, it symbolizes independence with the red cape standing out of the rest of the photo. Granted, that’s what it’s supposed to do, draw your eye in. But it’s more than telling you where to look it’s about her being the photo. Yes there’s this magical land waiting for her, but what it’s focused on is her and her adventure into this magical land.
I’ve felt like I’ve done conceptual photography before, but this photo feels like I hit a nail on the head.

It hasn’t hit me that it’s two friggin’ days till the relaunch. Is it nuts that I’m so excited about it? I like a broken record saying how pumped I am but man… it’s gonna be so cool.


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