419 Days.

Much to my dismay and my families happiness, I finished my 365 project about two weeks ago.  It took 419 days to complete, I’d safely say around 230 hours of editing (but that might be being a little modest), and willpower. Lot’s of willpower.

Usually, every time after one of these is done I feel relieved for the next two weeks or so and then I start itching for a new project. Thankfully, there’s already a project in the works so my usual antsy-ness is to a minimum. I’ll be posting more about that later, though.

What’s your stance on 365 projects? Are they just a pain in the butt or do you see a purpose behind it? For me, it’s about growing with photography and also as a person, and being able to see the gradual change and improvements – that’s what makes the bad days worth it. The days where you’re taking photos of sink drains and crying while you’re editing because oh my god I have two hundred and fourteen days left of this?

And naturally, since I’m a sentimental fool about these projects, I made a video of all of the photos together! And if you’re not interested in that, here are some b-sides (as I like to call them, they’re really just outtakes I edited)! If you want to see what photo they’re outtakes for just click on em.

365 Photo Montage.














Naturally, it’s very saddening but also very uplifting when these things end. It makes me reflect on my past year and however many days, and also on myself as a person. I’m very happy to say that reflecting on my work – I couldn’t be happier on where it’s progressed. I’ve been fortunate enough to make outstanding connections where I live and through those I’ve improved my portrait photography. And my personal photography has been fortunate enough to grow as well. And as for myself as a person, I’m even happier to say that I feel like this past year has helped me grow into my skin. It’s been very influential, changing, and exciting. It’s shown me what I want to do and how I’m going to do it. I can safely say that I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy with myself and what I love doing than I am right now.

How much of that has to do with taking 365 photos for a project is still up for debate.

I’m so glad to be sharing this video, the b-sides, and a little paragraph that’s bordering on too-sentimental, with anyone who’s reading. It means so very much. I’m very excited to share the next project and 365 days with you.

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