So lately…

So lately, things have been a little crazy.

I’ve been working closely with the Special Olympics here in my town,  finished up my 365,  helped my brother with art for his new EP, all while trying to keep sane and still feel as if I’m expressing myself correctly and thoroughly.

So let’s start with the Special Olympics.

A wonderful woman named Amanda introduced me into the wonderful world of sports photography by asking me to take photos of some track meetings for the athletes. For one, it’s been crazy. I’d never done anything more high-speed than trying to catch water flinging onto a body, and that was easier. I have much more appreciation for true sports photographers. Like I said – crazy, but also heaps of fun.

It’s been extremely rewarding to work with this group of people. Everyone is so warm, welcoming, nice, and no one seems to mind getting a camera shoved in their face when they’re sweaty. It’s been amazing and I very much hope to continue working with them.

Also, I’ve got a new found appreciation for sunscreen, too.

Finishing up a 365 project doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but it kind of is. And like I’ve said before, maybe I just get too sentimentally attached to them, but I find my reasoning’s extremely logical (of course).

Coming up with a photo to tie everything together, all your emotions and your personal style isn’t easy. Concepts are easy when they’re about things made up in your head. Concepts to describe you as a person and that reflect how you believe you’ve grown in a year, not so much. But it’s a fun challenge. And if you wanna see a slideshow of the photos and also b-sides, you can check out my post here!

So, for a very, very long time, I’ve been trying to convince my brother to let me use him as a model and create a very badass concept around him. I would tell him that it wouldn’t be fairy- tale-like, and it would focus in on him being something that he could easily use for promotion purposes or whatever.  Naturally, he refused. My brother really doesn’t like being my model… until he does and he sees what kind of magic I can pull and turn him into a vigilante.

So, my brother was talking about the concept around his new EP for a while. It was about a group of people who lived in a small town and (to make a long story short), killed all the people who hurt other people. And this group of people is called The Death Riders.

After surprisingly little convincing, my brother agreed to collaborating and making a photo for each song on the EP. You can view them all here. They’re super cool if I do say so myself. And, you can download or buy his EP here. I strongly suggest you do it because it’s honestly incredible. You can hear so many different influences in my brothers music, it’s crazy. And I’m not just saying it because we’re blood – I promise.

the field of life

This is the first photo that I’ve made since my project ended. It was bouncing around in my head for a while but I was honestly a little intimidated by doing it. It’s the most creating around a photo I’ve ever done. Normally, I start with a very prominent background and work around that. I add a sky, bring out details I enjoy, do some expansions, etc.

With this photo, all I did was shoot it against a dark background with very little light and my kit lens. I was skeptical I was going to be able to make it work, but I did. And I think it might be one of my favorites in a long time because I did.

To me, it represents growth. I’m in the middle of the grassy field and a flower is growing from my fingertip. It has a lot of the reoccurring things that a lot of my photos have which is nature, growing, improving, becoming something and also almost following a story line that’s been blooming since Bluebird Fly or Force Of Nature – the “something to come”. Almost like I’m narrating my life through photos without realizing it, and that’s exciting!

So, that’s been my life the past two months. I’ve been doing more small things, too. I shot my first wedding – a very small Justice of the Peace wedding. My family started fostering six cats after our dog passed away. Five kittens and their mamma, who are all incredibly adorable and lovable. And I can officially now play one song all the way through on drums that isn’t The White Stripes!

It’s been a very exciting year so far. I can only hope the last half is a great as the first.


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