Week 1: Moon Sisters

Moon Sisters

(click the photo for best quality!)

Every day, I get more and more fascinated with outer space. The reality of it is that we know virtually nothing about it. Sure there’s books upon books about it and more information than we can fathom, but if you put every single fact known about the Cosmos into to Cosmos, the space that would take up is nothing. It’s dust. That’s not what this photo is about, however. I just like writing about how insane the universe is and every time anyone even brings up a shooting star or something of that nature – I can go off.

So, what’s this photo about? What does it mean to me? What’s the story?

I noticed that a lot of my photos are about love, death, and pain. Not that those are bad things or do I feel the urge to stop creating based around those emotions, but that’s not how I wanted to kick off my 52wp. This is a celebratory event so I wanted to do a celebratory image! So, that’s where the moon and elements of outer space come into play.

Stars get the highest praise, in my opinion. For good reason, too. They’re bright and powerful and from their earliest to latest stages, they’re beautiful. I read somewhere that there’s more stars in all of the Cosmos than there is grains of sand on the earth. They shine and explode into nebulae and create some of the most powerful forces we know to exist. Naturally, doing a photo about stars seemed like a perfect idea. But I’ve done that already. So what is something that is still so powerful and important in our universe? Moons.

One of the only nights I will sleep with my blinds open is when the moon is full. I love moon shadows so much. I love what the moon symbolizes and the effect it has on earth. Moons are very under appreciated in my opinion. Sure, there was a big hoopla about getting to our moon but the next closest thing is over a hundred million miles away so that definitely played part in the appeal, I suppose. The moons beauty is also incredibly underrated as well! So, celebrating these things seemed like a really cool way to start off my new project. By doing a photo about something that is powerful and has a massive effect on the earth, but maybe flies under the radar a bit (besides for hovering in our sky for centuries, but whatever).

I feel very, very happy to be doing another project. It’s not every single day, but having it be once a week means that I can really play around with concepts and colors and everything that makes me glow with passion. I hope that everyone can follow along with me!

Be kind today. xoxo.


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