Week 2: Seek Solace

Seek Solace
Week 2 - Seek Solace

I found the inspiration for this picture out of thin air. I was teaching a small little photo camp about two weeks ago and we were shooting at a local park. So while one of the girls was already in the water, I asked her to put on my trusty white sheet and just simply turn around. I did what I always preach avoiding doing – shooting a photo without a clear idea in mind. Did I regret this decision? Yes.

While editing it was very easy to get the basics right. Take away the background to make it look like she’s standing in the ocean rather than the lake, add a sky, simple. It was after I got that stuff done that I realized that the concept was just empty. There was an overwhelming sense of peace, however. Peace, longing, and nostalgia. So after two different overlays (how simple, after fighting with this picture for over two hours) I was able to achieve that feeling enough for me to feel comfortable calling the photo done.

Now, I hate to be one of these people that can’t practice what they preach. Had I thought of a concept prior to taking this photo the likelihood of it turning out magnificent is obviously much higher. But, it serves as a lesson to myself to take time and plan out what I want to say. I am happy with this photo, but could it be better? Of course. The importance of always pushing yourself is so vital, and this photo reminded me of that. It reminded me not to get lazy!

That being said, I chose the title Seek Solace because of the feeling I get when I look at this photo. It seems very much like she’s staring out and thinking about the things she loves, misses. Finding peace in those feelings is important to not let the longing get the best of you. Perhaps a better way to have gone about this would have been a very Flickr-esque boat sailing away from me, but sadly, there were no boats present.

Week number two is done, however, and that’s exciting! I hope the next photo will be even more full of beauty and creativity, and all next photos to come, too.

Spread love. Take meaningful photos!


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