Week 2: The Imprison

That’s right, folks. I did week 2 all over again about a month too late. Why? Because I needed to. Also because I never uploaded Seek Solace to Flickr because it never felt right.

Creative slumps are the absolute worst. Not touching my camera in weeks because of said slump is even worse. I guess that’s the downside of a 52wp, is you can skip days and days on end without being overwhelmed, unlike a 365 project. It doesn’t hold you nearly as accountable, is what I’m saying, and I let that get the better of me.

I would love to sit here and say that every week I will be inspired and live a loving and artful life that will create work that I’m proud of, but that’s a promise I can’t keep. Nor, can anyone else. I will try my best though to create to the fullest of my abilities and produce something miraculous (which is essentially the same thing I said as before).

All of that being said, this picture was an absolute bear to create. I retook it twice before going with photos I took the first time. Naturally.


That was the “Before” product. It doesn’t look bad, and in fact it actually looks a lot closer to what I was going for in my head. But it doesn’t make sense. The sheet is slack while there’s that one weird protruding part in the middle. Now, I don’t know about you guys and your familiarity with bedsheets and hanging them up on walls, but that isn’t how they work! So, I re-edited and came up with the final product.

the imprison
(view on flickr)

My goal with this photo was to make it look like I was pulling desperately to get out of something, but I was too deeply constrained. Now, something even I just noticed as I was reading this post, normally I refer to the subjects in photos as characters even if it’s myself “modeling”. But this picture is so deeply connected to me and how I felt taking it, it truly feels like a self portrait. This isn’t me trying to explain a story but explain what’s going on inside my head. It feels good.

So. The point is, I was in a slump. I took this picture twice, edited it way too much, and came out with something that conveys how I felt better than any way I can put in writing. Am I out of this slump? I think so. How do we ever know until we try and kick it into full gear? We will see.

Spread love. xoxoxo


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