Week 3: “Perhaps, everything will be alright.”

everything will be alright

This weeks photo is about reaching a destination. But to really grasp that story, I need to tell a different one first.

A few months ago, I took this photo. That photo is about uncertainty, first and foremost. It’s about finding your way to somewhere that you so desperately want to go, which is how I felt while taking the photo. It looks like she’s on an adventure, and she is. Where does she want to go, though? That’s the mystery.

These two photos wound up being sister pictures without even trying (have I mentioned how much I love when that happens?). I’ve talked before about how sometimes, if you allow it, your art mimics your life and shows you things that you really need to know. Art imitating life and all that jazz. That’s exactly what happened here. Since March, I was on this journey. The past few posts of mine reflect that as proof, too. Everything that I meant for this picture to inspire was a complete self portrait.

Then, I took this weeks photo. It has the feeling of reaching a destination and a celebration too. The red cape is the forefront in this photo along with the sky. The outdoors mimic each other nicely, too.

I didn’t plan this at all. In fact, when I went shooting the day I took the first photo with my boyfriend, I had a completely different photo in mind. But things happened, there were too many people, and I happened to bring the exact wardrobe I wore for “The Place You Want To Go”. I didn’t really think anything of it. I’m not one for magical signs, or some kind of push and pull of fate, but what I do wholeheartedly believe in is your own self. My own self is what created these two art pieces that so happen to flow perfectly together and speak volumes about my own life as it is right now – and that’s the absolute beauty of fine art photography and telling stories with photos.

But. I think all of this makes sense. Pretty much, art mimics life if you allow it. I re-learned that this week and it’s filled me with an appreciation I didn’t know I had lost.

Take photos this week! Spread love.


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