Week 6/52 – The Foggy Seams

week 6 - the foggy seams

View in High Quality here.

This weeks photo is about being in a transitional place – or in limbo. To me, the birds represent motion and the desperation to break free and escape from this transitional place. The two different subjects are the differentiating emotions – one is content, wants to stay, the other is in motion with the birds. So, I suppose you could say it’s also about conflict.

 This weeks photo, again, is a very personal one to me. Does art ever stop imitating life?

Getting yourself out of a foggy place isn’t easy. It’s hard to convince yourself to open up windows, turn on a fan, and snap the heck out of it.  It’s even harder to keep that momentum going.But, birds will always fly and the sun will always come up which means that life keeps going and you have to as well.

The editing style on this picture was something that’s very new to me! I used a fog machine in this photo for the first time ever (and that was something – I never tried not to breathe so much) and that was pretty difficult to work with! Especially doing the motion part of this photo. Timing fog and hair at the same time isn’t fun. Also blending two pictures together with the fog and lighting not matching at all… it was a toughie. But it happened! And, bonus, this is one of my favorite most recent photos. I’ll definitely use fog more often now.

So, the TL;DR version of this post: The photo is about the conflicting emotions you feel when you so badly want to stay in a foggy, groggy place. This photo is, yet again, a self portrait. Life goes on whether you can’t see it around you or not. And, last but not least, the chances of fog being used in coming photos is about 600% more likely.

Feel the fact that you are alive today and embrace it. And spread love!

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