Week 7/52 – curse my restless wandering feet. + Dia De Los Muertos News!

curse my restless wandering feet

“I ran like a speeding train
cut my hair and changed my name
only had myself to blame
for the company I was keeping
curse my restless wandering feet
prone to wander endlessly
all the love you gave to me
it wasn’t enough to keep me.” – the oh hellos (x)

This photo was taken on a whim. Those are sometimes the best ones and also sometimes the worst ones. I love the sense of adventure it gives to the photo, however, so that’s why I grabbed my camera and golden hour and hopped in the car to one of the prettiest sunset locations in my little town.

The Oh Hellos’ song, In Memoriam, has been inspiring me for about two years. It inspired me to write a book! Since I will be seeing them live in one month and two days, they’ve been playing pretty consistently in my room while I’m working. This song has always felt like so many different things to me. It’s felt like running away, like falling in love, like changing yourself or evolving. I made a different photo for this song using the exact same caption over two years ago.

(click the picture for full flickr HD glory)

Songs like In Memoriam inspire me to no end just for the fact that they can mean so many different things. Music in general does that to me, but this song is one that can be taken in a slue of different ways, where other songs might be a little more direct. It reminds me of photography! Interpretation is wide and that makes it beautiful.

Something else that’s kind of fun is that I felt like I was going back to some old editing and shooting techniques I haven’t used in a while! It’s always fun to do that. The border, the body silhouette, nice beautiful golden lighting. Anyway.

It’s October 19th. Do you know what that means?

Dia De Los Muertos: The Beauty Behind Death is officially one year old!

(click the photo to view the entire series!)


This song describes how that makes me feel. Ah, the sweet smell of stress and sleep deprivation. Makes me wonder why I didn’t have another Day Of The Dead series this year. In celebration for this monumental occasion I’ve decided to do something that borderlines on pretentious and also pretty cool. So, judge as you will.

I’m going to be re-editing select photos and re-releasing them as limited edition prints! And, naturally, having some kind of contest to give away a free print… or two. Exciting stuff!

So, between working on this and working on some more cool stuff, new work is going to be pumping out like crazy. Don’t you just love this time of year?

Take photos today that are universally inspiring. And spread love. xoxo


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