Another project update.

I’m trying to get to a level of content with this project to where I don’t feel a wave of shame if I don’t upload a picture for a day. In all reality, the chances of someone noticing or caring is very low. But, that’s very hard for me to do when care and notice. Anywho, let’s get onto the photos.

day 7day 8

I’m grouping these two photos together for an explanation because they’re the same thing. Celebrating the body and the beauty that it holds. Also, apparently, celebrating the gorgeous light that comes in my room at about 5pm.

The context of these photos could be explained until I’m blue in the face. The basic gist of them is just solely that we all are works of art. Every line and every shadow that caresses you is something special and is something to treasure. This is something I’m trying to teach myself and something that I wanted to shine through in these photos.

day 10

This photo is based off of a couple I’ve taken in the past. When in doubt, right? (view those other photos: x, x, x, x, x) There’s not much special about this picture. Aesthetically, I like it. I always love square crops, blurry backgrounds, good skies. But, does this photo scream anything special to me? No. And that kind of makes me sad. Photography, to me, is always more about creating a pretty picture, and I feel like that is all I’ve accomplished here.

day 11

Every year around this time, I get this undying urge to take a photo that’s powerful, beautiful, and speaks about what and who I want to be in the coming year. I get this inspiration because of a photo I took two years ago (that’s still one of my favorites if not just for sentimental reasons) called Force Of Nature. It’s such a simple photo. It’s silhouetting at it’s finest. I sound really pretentious talking about my own work, so forgive me.

My point being, is that this is what I wanted this photo above to be. This is the photo from last year that was supposed to be the showstopper. It’s probably because I set such high standards for myself that I don’t feel like this years or last years photo exactly hit on the head what I’m trying to say. But, what this project has made me realize is: What am I trying to say?

Brooke Shaden, one of my biggest inspirations and essentially who I want to be as a person, gave advice a while ago about taking a good long look at your work. Trying to see it from the outside and what not. If nothing else, that is what this project has made me do. Question myself as an artist and made me really think about where I want to go both physically and artistically.  What a perfect time to be deciding this, too!

I refuse to dwell on this project or the art that is coming from it. It’s almost like working through a block. You come out with a lot of really questionable things before you get back to what you love. Getting back to art that I love and that I’m extremely proud of is something that will be a journey. One that will continue long after this project is over.

But, that’s what new years are for. 2016 will be filled with art and doing scary things, I’m calling it now.

Spread love.


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