Mutual Motivation (I’m doing something).

Call the Pope.

After taking over a two year long break, I’ve decided to buckle up and start yet another 365 project. How’s this going to work out with my schedule that just seems to love to fluctuate? I have no idea! And that’s very exciting!

The day that I made my most recent post, my boyfriend came over to my house and gave me a really big hug and told me he had read it while on break at work. I appreciated that. We then started talking about what I could do to pull myself out of the funk. I had a couple different ideas of projects that were honestly just so much work. Not that a lot of work is a bad thing, but when you have the tendency to over complicate things, it makes things not fun. So I shelved those ideas and silently decided on doing a 365 project. Somewhere deep inside I felt a little spark of inspiration with about two percent of dread – which was perfect. And I was keeping a neat little secret that I could unleash without telling anyone!

Well, your girl Ellie is bad at keeping secrets. I told him (my boyfriend) about it a few days later, and he decided to join me! What a dude. If you’re so inclined, go to his Instagram and follow along with his guitar journey.

Now, if you’re wondering, Why god are we still on the subject of you and your godforsaken boyfriend? Fear not. There’s a purpose, I swear!

My mom has been in my ear, metaphorically, for probably about a month with the word


When no one can keep you accountable for things, it’s easy to slack off and not do them. For reference, my failed 30 day project and my failed 52 week project. My mom caught onto this way before I did (naturally) and made herself a little group to help keep each other accountable. I needed somebody to keep me accountable. Neither me or my boyfriend are sitting here every day scolding each other if we don’t post content (granted, it’s currently only day four), but for me personally the idea of falling behind him or just generally not keeping up would really suck. It would feel as if I was somehow letting him down, and most importantly letting myself down.

So, hence the title: Mutual Motivation.

This is not going to be an overly complicated project. There will be no themes, and I’m not going to force myself to create fine art images every day. If I did that, I would go nuts and pull out my hair. It would feel like work. This project is meant to inspire me, to make me want to take photos, to fall in love with simple photography again along with making me itch to take fine art photos just to shove some of the inspiration pouring out of me back inside my body.

Follow my journey on Flickr or on Instagram! Or, through this very blog right here. I won’t be uploading each photo, but there will be speed edits and behind the scenes!

This is a start, you know? I’m doing something and it feels good. If you’re slacking, find someone to keep you accountable and see how much of a difference it makes.

(Yes, Mamma, you were right.)

Spread love.


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