Differences in Inspiration

A couple of years ago, I was riding with my mom and brother in the car and there was a beautiful sunrise on the horizon. We passed a local housing development that had a windmill at the very front. It was all incredibly picture perfect and immediately, my mind shot to how it would be a gorgeous backing for a fine art photo.My mom said how she thought it would be a perfect photo for advertising. My brother mentioned something about stock video.

The moment stuck me (and stuck with me) because it made me realize how differently inspiration happens for everybody. Depending on what’s going on in your life, what you’re passionate about, what you relate things to. Regardless, it happens and it happens differently.

I think about this moment on two occasions:

  1. When I’m stuck as far as creating goes.
  2. When someone tells me that they have a hard time with creativity/inspiration.

Both of these occasions are not rare! In more recent months I can’t count how many times I’ve been at an impasse for creating. Along with that, I can’t count how many times people have told me they have a hard time creating because they’re not inspired.

I think when people hear those two words (creative, inspiration), a very distinct image comes to mind. A perfect image of sculpting, painting, singing, and things of that sort. But every day things are extremely creative.

Take my parents, for example. They both remind me of MacGyver.

My mom has a very unorthodox way to go about things. She’s (in my eyes) a master of all things wood. She can make anything, it seems. While that in itself is creative (and she doesn’t deny that she is!) the way that she goes about putting things together is creative as well.

My dad is extremely logical. He can figure out how to fix anything or how to assemble anything. And sometimes, these things he fixes or assembles, there may not be everything needed to do it. But he does it, and he does it well, and it works.

The simplest things in life can be creative. The simplest things in life can be inspirational.  This is something I had to remind myself of recently.

I skipped a couple of days for my 365, alright? There. I said it. I had absolutely nothing that I wanted to take photos of. Then, realizing that this used to take me fifteen minutes to do, I shook myself out of it, looked in the mirror and said, “Ellie, you are being ridiculous.”

A goal of this project was to fall in love with simple photography again. Something I used to do was simply lay on my floor and take photos. Or, take photos of interesting little things in my room. Or find something simple but creative and take a picture of that. This is something I’m trying to remember with every day in mind, now.

Not every creative photo needs to be a fine art photo. I can create good, publish-worthy content without spending two days on Photoshop. (Yes, that’s what I whisper to myself as I’m falling asleep.)

Keep simple creativity in mind today while you’re doing things. Realize that your creativity is different from everybody else’s, and regardless, it is there. Appreciate it and embrace it.

Spread love.


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