The Landslide

It’s a little past 11pm as I’m writing this, but it won’t be published until sometime tomorrow. My eyes burn from editing, I’m listening to Alabama Shakes, and I’m incredibly happy.

Ever since I was very young, writing was always something that was very prevalent in my life. It was the beginning of everything, really. Storytelling is the one thing I want to do in my life however that may be. Fortunately it seems like that one key part of me is going to truly come to life.

I’m publishing a poetry book! There! I couldn’t keep it in anymore.

the landslide promo fb

In more recent years, I’ve moved away from writing fictional stories of me and my family going and fighting against knights in shining armor. What I’ve moved towards, is poetry. Poetry has always been very prevalent as well! If I tried to count all of the dramatic poems I wrote from age nine, till now, ten years later? Jeez. But that ten years has given me substantial material to look through, reflect on, and decide on what I want in this poetry book. Spoiler alert: nothing from before age fifteen will ever see the light of day.

The Landslide will be a very personal book. Writing and taking photos have almost always been my two ways of expression. This poetry book will highlight those things together, as well as the poetry separately.

So, August 25th! Mark your calendars! There will, of course, be more updates coming as August 25th approaches. This is exciting and big and beautiful. For once I’m actually looking forward to the dreaded heat of August. Things are getting wild.

Spread love.


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