A Physical Manifestation

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in a small town in Indiana called Thorntown. The church bells play songs at the top of every hour, I’m three blocks away from Main Street, and for the past couple of mornings it has felt like autumn. Do I miss home? Of course. But the feeling of family surrounding me and hearing their laughter in person for a change, that makes it easier to not miss my own bed.

But, in two short days I will be back in that bed. All in all, we were here visiting for six days. It went by so slowly at first and I wondered if home would ever call, and then now it feels like we just pulled in. Where does time go when you’re having fun, right?

This feeling I feel in my heart right now reminds me of how I felt five days ago when we got to my grandparents house. I had shipped my own copy of The Landslide here, so I wouldn’t have to wait until I got home. I ripped the packaging open and held it in my hands, smelled it, felt the paper, looked at the barcode – and just like that it was all over. It was finished, and the manifestation of this idea in my head was in my hands. How did it happen? It feels like a blur!

Waiting for this trip to come, to see my family, then finally being here and spending all our time with them, it felt like it came so slowly and at the same time was over so quickly. Writing this book, it’s much the same way. I worked, re-worked, re-re-worked, and it dragged. Even the thirty minutes before releasing it dragged. But then just a few days later when I finally could see it and feel it, I felt like I couldn’t remember a single thing because it was all so quick.

I’m beyond thankful for those who have supported the book, showed love, shared the posts, etc. It means more to me than I can put into words. The process of it all was brutal and tough and a couple of times I thought, Should I be doing this? But now I know I absolutely did the right thing when I hold this book in my hands and I feel like I’m holding a beautiful and meaningful part of me.


If you yourself are interested in purchasing a beautiful part of me, you can! You can get a softcover, hardcover, or image wrapped version right here!

The Landslide
The Landslide
A collection of po…
By Ellie Chavez
Photo book

Spread love – it really, truly does come back. xoxo


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