Fine Art Photography Print Restock!

Ordering prints for my fine art photos gives me such a high. Especially when they’re new and I haven’t seen them printed yet! I love it. It makes me super excited.

Which is why I’m so excited right now!

I ordered 25 new 5.5×5.5 prints! If you’ve seen me at any little festival or shin-dig around my city, I’ve probably had my 4×4 prints with me. But, those were pretty old so I got some brand new photos in bigger sizes, and some special favorites printed in the bigger size!

Oh… you want to see what photos I got printed? I’ll hook you up.


To see all the photos (and get your first 25 printed for free!) check it out right here:

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these prints, let me know! But if you see one you like, you gotta get your hands on it quick. There’s only one each of these photos. Batch deals will be available!

I’m so stoked. I haven’t gotten new prints in way too long. I can feel the excitement fluttering inside me!

I hope your day continues to be beautiful and full of good things and inspiration. Do something small for yourself that will make you feel good as an artist.

Spread love.



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