In Bloom

It’s Summer, and I live in the heart of Texas which means that everything is very, very dead outside right now. What I’m saying is nothing is necessarily “in bloom” outside, the things blooming are inside my heart.

pink flowers copy SMALL

One of my friends posted something on Facebook the other day that really stuck with me. It was a fellow photographer and he was posting about how he needs to stop the constant yo-yo effect in his business. This is something I can relate to on a spiritual level. I am so, so, agonizingly guilty of this. When things are slow, I market hard and work on my online presence to gain clients. When things are busy, I abandon all of those ideas and focus on what’s in front of me, keeping me busy. That’s bad for a number of reasons, but the most prominent is definitely because of this yo-yo effect.

Now, I also take this a step further and seem to let this be the current of my life. Not only in business, but for my emotions, creativity, inspiration well, etc. I work hard and stay inspired and happy when things are busy, only to be in a slump when those things go away. My consistent inconsistency of even this blog is proof of that.

In the month of June, I’ve been trying to improve myself. I had a really unhappy couple of weeks back in late April and continuing into May. I was unhappy with a lot of aspects of my life and the biggest one was purely just myself. It was a very deep downswing of the yo-yo. However, my mom has been working on nothing but herself as of recently and she seems incredibly happy – so I took a page from her book.

It’s not easy trying to love yourself. It’s not easy trying to take the steps to get there. What I’ve found, however, is doing the things that I know bring me joy and happiness helps me re-find the other things that bring me happiness that I let myself forget about. Those are the things that help this self love journey.

Some examples of things I always know will bring me joy:

  • Laughing with my family.
  • Filling my day with productivity. (Hard to convince myself of some days.)
  • Shopping (though not recommended, effective.)
  • Petting my cats.
  • Laying with my boyfriend and talking about our goals and future.
  • Having a clean room. (Also difficult, but I know this will never fail.)

Some examples of things I have re-found:

  • Swimming.
  • Eating in a way that doesn’t make me feel like a slug.
  • Running on a treadmill.
  • Dancing.
  • Simple but creative photography.

There’s been this list sitting in my notebook patiently waiting for me for when I was ready. It’s all of the things I want to start implementing in my life. Some of these, I’ve naturally started doing. Some will take some more planning than others. But ultimately, I see it as a list of things that will help me stray away from this dastardly yo-yo.  Things to keep my heart full and happy. Things to keep me busy while maintaining this “online presence” that is unfortunately very important. Things to keep me emotionally and mentally happy.

One of those things is simple but creative photography! I have a slideshow of my most recently completed 365 as my screensaver. Sometimes I look at it and wonder where that drive went? It was a complete pain in the butt most days, yes, but there was also a wonderful creative drive that came with it. Too often I put this pressure on myself where I feel the need to only upload stellar images with story and purpose. Perhaps it’s time to try and move past that hurdle.

Say it with me. Say it. Say it with one eye closed and being just a little scared!

365: 2017

Simple, delicate, cinematic, bright, bold, dark, beautiful photography.


Away we go, folks. Spread love. xoxo


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