Help, not hide. (+2 bonus photos!)

From my Flickr post:

Day 7

Often times, I find myself hiding from important things I’d rather not face. Where’s the good in that? Hiding from fears will get you nowhere. Even more, punishing yourself for having those fears will only create new boundaries you set for yourself. I’m guilty of all of those things.

It’s taken (more like taking) me a long time to figure out my voice as an artist. As a whole, it’s not an easy thing to do. What helps the most with this growth is creating with the sole intent to figure out who I am as a person. It’s bled so heavily into my work that it only makes sense that those two things go hand in hand. Who you are as a person vs. as an artist, they’ll correlate. They’re related. They are something that will continue to grow and change.

When you create boldly with intent on helping yourself, it has this wonderful chain reaction where then others can find themselves in your work. It goes from not just creating to find yourself or to find your voice, but creating to help others, and help them find their voice too.

That, in itself, is a good enough reason to not hide. It’s the best reason to create, to try, and to fail every now and then. If you can’t find a reason to create for yourself, look for the reason that it could help others.

And now, fun extra photos!

day 7 outtakeday 7-2 copy

All in all: stop hiding. If you can’t muster the courage to create for yourself, create with the intent to help others.

Spread love.


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