Another blog, another dreaded about me – I’ll make this short and sweet….

I’m a photographer in Austin, Texas. If you give me a genre of photography, I’ve probably tried to peruse it. Where I’ve found most joy however is Fine Art Photography. Fine Art Photography (in my eyes) is taking a basic setting and either using the magic of props, photoshop, or both, to make a magical world that tells a powerful story. Sometimes the photos are extravagant and take days or weeks to create,  or sometimes they just happen.  Aside from photography, I write small snippets of fiction or non-fiction here and there, I make some small pieces of art (both digitally and non), and I continually look for inspiration in everything that moves, or doesn’t.

My blog title (that I thoroughly intend on changing sometime soon!) came out of nowhere. While making this blog I was downing sweet tea like there was no tomorrow and had Dave Grohl’s voice saying, “The human element!” in my head on repeat.

Also I met Dave Grohl on November 6th 2014. Pretty sweet. I also look insane.


Have some links!

Photography Website
Facebook Fanpage


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