Trying To Teach My Boyfriend to Be a Photographer: High Noon

Jason very much tried to push me out of my comfort zone with these pictures. Luckily, it was a weekday afternoon, so not many people were around! He gave me many different pose ideas, many of which consisted of some sort of action. Again, I was impressed. He told me to stick my arms out (as seen above) and he also kept telling me to be sassy. Which is something I don’t have a problem with if I’m not asked to do it on command.

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Behind The Photo: Gray Area

This is one of the examples of these gray areas. There are other areas too, of course. I don’t feel like I can call myself successful, but I don’t feel like I’ve failed. I’m not busting at the seams because I’m happy, but I’m not in a dark point where I feel depressed. Great examples huh? It’s only 8:11am, now. Buckle up.

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