Fine Art Photography Classes

Are you interested in photography from a beginners standpoint, but you want to go further?

Here are our week by week topics:

  • Week 1: Intro to Fine Art Photography & Basic Photography
  • Week 2: Finding Inspiration and Creativity
  • Week 3: Photography: The Advanced Stuff
  • Week 4: Tips and Tricks!
  • Week 5: Editing Photos in Photoshop
  • Week 6: Creating a Fine Art Photo

In this six week course, you’ll not only learn about the basics of photography, using your camera to its fullest advantage, the depths of fine art photography, and photoshop skills, but also about how to lead an inspired life.

You’ll need to bring nothing to class except maybe some scratch paper to write things down. No camera, no computer, nothing! Of course, you’re welcome to bring anything that will help you learn (or if you have questions about it) but nothing is needed for this class. Just yourself and an open mind!

To book your own private lessons, shoot me an email at!